Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Monastery Green

Summer crops in the fields with the ruins of a monastery in the distance in the German town of Bad Karlshafen.


  1. Nzm you have no idea how much I love crops growing in never ending fields. This picture brought back memoories.

  2. I want to run into this picture and "be" in this lush scene! I must get out of the concrete jungle soon. Great picture, as always. :)

  3. I love fields of endless greenery! By the way, indian movies make good use of them lol Shah Rukh Khan often gets lost in one

  4. DReb: we drove 4 hours into the German countryside today, and with the warm weather, all the farmers were out in knee high crops - already in March! But there's snow on the way again next week...

    Goodie Girl: thanks. I got down low to shoot through the plants, and almost fell into them because they looked so inviting!

    Sha'ira Aaah, I do ike it when they suddenly pop up in field of long grrass and start singing and dancing!