Thursday, March 15, 2007

Green Reflection

This cave lies next to the Tekija in Blagaj, Bosnia I previously blogged about. The water like that of the River Neretva is emerald green. A Norwegian/Bosnian Fishfarm can be found a short walk from here.


  1. Gorgeous.

    Some rivers in the South Island of New Zealand have bright blue water. Apparently it's got something to do with the mineral content.

    I see that you'be learned how to frame your images! :-)

  2. How mysterious it it holds some deep dark secret...

  3. It must be the mineral content then :)

    Well I am not responsible for the framing lol I think D reb has gone in and started framing pics lol

    D Candy, its really got a certain air about it.

  4. easily my pick for the best pic for this theme... amazing!

  5. Booo! You're here! :)

    Thank you bhai, lekin itna ziada tareef mere upar mut karo. lol