Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Gateshead Millennium Bridge, UK


  1. Fantastic structure.

    My cousin who lives in London told me that they had to add more reinforcement to the bridge because it swayed too much and was making people motion-sick as they walked over it!

  2. Are you sure that ain't the bridge in London? It's also called the millenium bridge?

    the company*AHEM*I work for*AHEM AHEM* designed that*AHEEEEEM*

  3. BuJ: As I wrote that, I was thinking, "God, I hope that BuJ doesn't work for that company." :-)


  4. hehehe.. i APPLIED to that company as they were sorting out that mess with the "wobbly bridge"
    I admired them more coz of the open way they handled it.

    I can talk for ages about it, it's actually a win-win situation. hehe

    However people do confuse the bridges! One's in London and one's in Newcastle. Both are called the Millenium Bridge.

  5. Yes - I got confused by the name!