Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Fresh Peaches

When visiting other countries I love to stroll down the street markets and buy fresh fruit that has just been picked from the trees - especially fruit that doesn't naturally grow where I live in Germany, like these wonderful Spanish peaches. They taste so much better than the imports in the local supermarkets.


  1. Yummo!!

    Fresh fruit from these stalls always tastes much better - and especially when you're on holiday.

    It's as if your taste buds have more ESP!

  2. Couldn't agree more. Buying at a supermarket eating at home just doesnt compare to buying on the street, taking it out of that brown paper bag and taking that bite.
    Even as the taste bursts in your mouth and the juices trickle over your hand, and from the corners of your mouth.

  3. love to shop at open markets they have an amazing way of getting to you.

  4. oh great, now after the vivid taste buds and taste bursts comments I'm craving for fresh Mediterranean fruit, which would mean I'd have to travel, which I can't...chocolate from the supermarket will have to do:(