Friday, March 02, 2007

drive of worship downtown jaffa..

these are some of the places around where i live in israel.. the first is a neighbourhod synagogue.. often in backyards or basements or ground floor shop fronts.. small and basic and undiscernable from the street architecturally.. the second is a drive by a mosque - marked by green lights at night.. and the third is a church on top of the hill all within a few minutes walk from each other.. i love my Yaffo (israel)..


  1. Very Blair Witch Project-like images!

  2. heheh

    love it!!

    i went for a drive last night at 11pm or so and took the photos while driving..

    during the day the area looks very different of course..

    especially on a friday when the flea markets in the centre takes off and turns into yuppy central..


  3. Lirun I must be a nag, and ask us all to try to stick to one picture per post :)

    I like the idea behind it though, wish there was more light so we could see even more. And major bad luck you being sick, hope you feel better now?