Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Brewery Ruins

Green grass now grows in the Murree Brewery ruins in Ghora Gallai, Pakistan. Murree Brewery was the only distillery in Pakistan at the time of the British Raj. The company is still in operation in Rawalpindi, but this facility was burnt down during the 1947 Partition riots.


  1. Looks like it was a stunning building.

    My mother had to leave India about that time due to partition and the riots and the English being told to leave!

  2. Beautiful , aur dars tareekhi bhi milte hai hum, hai hai. lol

  3. Nzm, I'v just seen the ruins and they definately are amazing. This region is beautiful, used to be a vacation place for the British Officers. They still have the best boarding schools there, most well known are the convent of Jesus and Mary which still is a school of choice for the diplomats children and Lawrence college one of the oldest institutions of the Indian sub-continent.

    @ Shaira, bohat beautifull hai, aur mosam bhi mazeedaar hota hai, garam chai peney ka bohat maza atta hai thandey mosam mein :0)

  4. i love photos of brit colonial rule ruins. this photograph speaks volumes. how about having a theme on colonial buildings ?