Monday, March 05, 2007

Bad Karlshafen Blues

The bridge which connects the mid-Germany town of Bad Karlshafen with the rest of the country.

Bad Karlshafen is famous for its natural hot saltwater thermal baths which the council has maximised by building a lovely bath-house with pools of different temperatures and salinities, as well as saunas and a spa which offers massages and treatments.

The bath-house has become the social gathering place for the town!

In German, Bad (pronounced bard) means bath or spa.


  1. Green, blue, beautiful!

    Is that where they had the fish that "ate" you and cured you? The ones you posted about from Oman.

  2. NZM, by the way, I think it is safe to say, that your suggestion for Bridges as a theme hit home! loll

    I came in today and I was like wooooohhh! Massive bridge attack :)

  3. Hey what a lovely place, looks amazing.

  4. Amazing pic. You know this reminds of the lovely landscapes in Asterix and Obelix comics. Very pretty...

  5. Sha'ira: no, this place doesn't have the fish - I think that they live in hot fresh water springs.

    The salt water (23% salinity) that they pump out of the ground in Bad Karlshafen is a couple of thousand meters below the surface.

    Bridges theme has a long way to go before it beats Places of Worship!

    DReb: It looks pretty, but apart from the baths, there's NOTHING else to do here except long country walks! J's parents live in this town, so we go there quite often.

    DCandy: you're right!!! The colours are just like in the books LOL! I was playing around with a process called HDR - High Dynamic Range. This image is actually a combination of 3 images of the same scene taken at 3 different exposures and combined using special software.

    Website for the HDR software is here.

  6. lol nzm one never knows, we are only on wednesday and doing pretty well I would say!