Friday, February 09, 2007

When words don't help

Guest post by HZ from Gothenburg: This disturbing sign can be found on the streets of Kabul. Since a large population of Afghanistan is illiterate, regular signs warning for landmines have not helped since people couldn't read them. Instead, graphic images such as these have been put up in order to save its population from yet another increase in statistic of dead or wounded.

Editor's note: Though we are aware that the image may be seen as offensive, and apologize for that, Global Themes wishes to, within reason, portray the world as it is and by doing so help create an understanding for how people live and think.


  1. You guys should check out the film Kandahar. The prosthetics given to victims of land mines look very similar to what is represented on this poster. Pity!

  2. Its sad what havocs war is creating in the world. Wars and conflicts are filling the pockets of many and taking away loved ones from the effectees. Awarness for mines is minimal is most parts of the world where mines have been around for years even after wars end.

  3. what an awesome sign.. from the word awe.. not meaning fantastic..

  4. The sign isn't disturbing - it conveys a necessary message to inhabitants of the area.

    Disturbing is the need for a sign such as this, at all.