Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Snowy Survival

Crocus flowers shine through the recent Berlin snow

Crocus flowers in the snow


  1. trust you to up the anti hehehe

  2. Very nice. This photo reminded me of the very first time I saw crocuses (or is it croci?) peeking through the snow. Spring is on the way.

  3. Lovely picture, saw this on your blog first. Doesn't it show how somethings can survive in extreme circumstances. How hope can overcome every hurdle that comes its way. Brilliant.

  4. Lirun: bring it on, buddy! LOL.

    Daisy: I had to look it up - the plural is crocuses!

    DReb: they're still surviving too - in fact, they seem to be flourishing in the cold.

    DCandy: thanks!

    Sha'ira: anything to please da boss! LOL.