Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Snow in Amsterdam

This was the view from my window on 8th February 2007 - tufts of soft snow formed a white film over everything from bicycles to benches. Alas, not for long, now all the snow has melted and all we are left with is rain and wind!


  1. Welcome Candy! Good to have you with us contributing. It seems the more northern parts of Europe have had quite a wimpy winter this year :)

  2. You are absolutely right! Winter-wise it's been easy come....easy go...

    Thanks for having me over here Sha'ira.

  3. i like the fact that you can see the angle.. makes you feel the wind chill factor brr

  4. Welcome, DC!

    The same happened with the snow here in Berlin too - it disappeared after it rained!

  5. lirun: thanks! taken by a camera phone, so i depend more on luck than technique

    nzm: thanks! aw what a shame. i thought germany would be so much colder.