Friday, February 09, 2007

Forbidden Pleasures

I saw this sign in Blagaj, a town outside Mostar on the way to Sarajevo. If one doesn't know the context of where the sign is placed it would seem living in general is forbidden. However, the sign is part of a spiritual Muslim "monastery" and thus all of the above cannot be done in the vicinity of it. I still find it very amusing!


  1. Heh!

    This remind me of a sign that was erected in Portland, Oregon for the festivities around New Year's Eve 1999, as the world greeted 2000.

    The sign was about 5' high and banned everything from knives and guns to umbrellas, pets and tents!

    Unfortunately I don't have the image - it's on CDs in storage back in NZ!

  2. lol talk about putting a ban on living!

    Well well well, I wonder what gems one might find in storage back in NZ!

    Oh my God!I just figured out the whole N Z M thing now! lolllllllllll

  3. LOL! This is hilarious. Great stuff.

    I wish I had joined the group when signs was a topic, I have so many funny and politically incorrect shots taken here in Amsterdam and in Germany!

    Inshalllah - next time :-)

  4. Hey don't worry, I am planning a theme called Crazy...there will be much room for that then :)

  5. Sha'ira: never let it be said that you don't catch on quick!!!!!

    There's a lot of good stuff back on CD in NZ. I got a lot of good film images scanned (the benefits of being a pro photo lab manager!) onto CD too.