Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Water, water everywhere

Clouds are condensed water droplets or frozen crystals suspended in the atmosphere.
Clouds in Mauritius
Watermelons are 90% water, full of vitamins and minerals, and a welcome gift to bring to hosts in China and Japan.
Watermelon for dessert in Greece
Which makes me wonder: if the water in watermelons was condensed or frozen, would watermelons float like clouds?!


  1. Fantabulous mauritius picture. Well lol imagine clowds of melons...I sure would wanna taste the sky! Or how about melon flavoured rain!

  2. also need to say that mauritius is very high on my holidaydar..

    planning a kite surfing trip there soon..

    i love the mauritians i have met.. a jolly warm musical bunch.. cant wait..

  3. Lirun: Mauritius is just beautiful and reminded me a lot of my home country, Fiji.

    Even the history is similar between the 2 countries, except for the French influence in Mauritius which is not in Fiji.

  4. nzm - wow a fijian amongst us.. how cool!

    nothing like a pacific island smile!! as bright as the sun..

    i was born and raised (in part as well as a bunch of other countries) in australia.. so i have the pacific pulsing in me as well..

    are you a surfer?

  5. Ah, Lirun, a fellow Antipodean! :-)

    I'm a very white Fijian! I'm the 4th generation born in Fiji on my father's side - my great-great grandfather was one of the first missionaries into Fiji from England.

    I love to surf! I want to learn properly. I should come over to see you in Summer so that you can give me some tips!

  6. sure!!

    so how longhave you been travelling?