Friday, December 15, 2006

Vasa Real Junior High

A rainy day in Stockholm's Vasa Town


  1. looks like its raining all over the world.

  2. love it lirun!!
    i linked you!

  3. hey enriqueta..

    cool huh..

    shasha i love your photo.. rain is the most amazing soul cleanser.. i think its incredible how to of the most hynotic things in the world are peaceful rain and peaceful fire.. two arch-enemies that can bring an end to eachother in a way yet we cant live without both..

    i normally choose my home by how it allows me to enjoy the rain..

    sorry for the gush but this is a soft spot for me

  4. D Reb, it sure is!

    Enriqueta, welcome :)

    Lirun, you can be as soft and gushy as you want :)

    I am a big rain fan. Every drop echoes inside me and it is just the most natural indulgent there is out there.