Wednesday, December 13, 2006


hello from currently way too dry israel.. the hebrew word for water is mayim.. the word for sea is yam.. and the word for sky is shammayim (which kind of means the water over there..)

water is the essence of life on our planet and last week global news reports showing potential aquatic movements on mars were very quick to express their excitement..

here in the dry middle east it is particularly precious and a lot of war and peace has surrounded this very topic.. our tourism engines rely on it and our farmers work hard to use it wisely.. fresh or salty - we love our water!!

this photo was taken by me last year as i was driving down the beach road of tel-aviv (HaYarkon street).. it is untouched by photoshop and captures a stunning gift that the heavens gave us that night..

hope you like it..


  1. Wow, beautiful picture...what a sky!

    In Arabic it's also called mai...or in more classical Arabic Maa'.

    Imagine that, you guys having it dry, we here are flooded and way too warm for swedish standards, the desert UAE is flooded too. No balance in the world.

  2. Lirun, beautifully captured, amazing picture.

  3. thanks guys.. it was so funny.. the entire street was suddenly jammed because everyone jumped out of their cars and began snapping with their phones.. hahahahha

  4. Brilliant! We never get skies like this in Dubai!

  5. nzm.. maybe you guys have less pollution hhaha

  6. Wow, what a sky!
    And imagine that we basically get a sunset this gorgeous everyday.. But we're too busy to notice!
    Great job, Lirun!