Friday, December 22, 2006

Light pouring in

As a new member of GT I've chosen this photo of sunlight pouring into a cool shady room of the magnificent Alhambra in Granada, Spain. The Alhambra الحمراء = Al Ħamrā'; literally "The Red Castle" is an ancient mosque, palace and fortress complex of the Moorish monarchs of Granada, in southern Spain, occupying a hilly terrace on the south-eastern border of the city of Granada.

It was the residence of the Muslim kings of Granada and their court, but is currently a museum exhibiting exquisite Islamic architecture.Over the centuries the buildings were expanded by Christian rulers and their architects making the Alhambra a unique place where you can experience a historic blend of the cultures.


  1. nice..

    just thought i'd add a little word thingy..

    In Hebrew:

    light = Orr
    candle = nehr
    sun = shemesh

  2. Welcome Sharron!

    I am yet to visit Alhambra but what an amazing legacy in terms of art, culture and science. The whole of Alhambra is built according to mathematical calculatios and geometry. The whole building is in complete harmony, just like the region was at a time.

    Lirun, sun in Arabic is also shams! Super similar!

  3. i love how the light from the windows is just as impressive as the light through the door..

  4. thanks for the friendly welcome and comments everyone!