Thursday, December 21, 2006

Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

Sun Rays streaming through thick clouds, this photograph was taken near the Maktoum bridge in Dubai around 5pm a month ago. Picture Courtsey The Friendly Lion.


  1. Beautiful! I love photos of clouds.. I always take photos from the plane -- which makes other passengers look at me weirdly...

    Hey, how about 'clouds' for a theme? that would probably generate some great photos!

  2. lol Mohamed I do the same I have some fab cloud pics from Bosnia. I swear it looked like a face of a man with a turban...or something.. lol

    Anyways, duely noted, Clouds theme coming up.

    Welcome friendly lion, and great shot!

  3. Whoooo! Glorious image. Considering how little cloud we get for most of the year, we surely make up for it when it rains!