Tuesday, December 12, 2006


Tea= flavoured water


  1. haha trust you to bring it back to something delicious.. we have something like 15 different tea types at work.. our culture loves tea..

  2. Tell me about it! lol

    I aim to please both stomach and eye lol

  3. By the way is there much coffee drinking in Israel? I am definitely a tea person and so is Pakistan, however Sweden is a stark contrast where coffee is the way to go.

  4. here there is heaps of coffee drinking but also a lot of tea drinking juice drinking - increasingly alcohol drinking :( - and sahlab which i love..

    i guess as a dry country you get taught to constantly drink alot all the time..

    my frist memories of tea and coffee are actually from the bedouin..

    i remember my family telling me about them as we would drive past on the way to eilat (on the red sea) and there was a bedouin tent in our favourite hotel - back then the sonesta and now known as taba's hilton (returned to egypt since)..

    we were told of the bedouin's incredible hospitality and their wonderful tea and told you must never say no to any food or drink offered to you by a bedouin.. and i thought.. free food and drink?!?! now these were my kind of people hahah